Why choose us for dog apparel?

This is a simple yet extremely important question.  We know you have many sources of pet fashion available to you and we appreciate the time you are spending on our site.

We are dog owners and pet fashion connoisseurs

Many of the items we sell are produced by our staff for their own pets first.  We love our pets and consequently want to see them healthy and happy as do our customers.  We produce a small boutique brand internally called Arf-Arf Bebe where we constantly strive to maintain constant balance between pet comfort, quality and fashion trends.

Customization, Customization, Customization

Unlike most online retailers we can customize many of our products to your pets needs and your fashion desires.  As you search our catalog note that many items allow for custom embroidery, pet names, sizing and even fabrics.  

Simple Shipping

$6.96 Flat rate US domestic pricing for everything under $25 USD and FREE shipping for everything over $25.  (International orders are computed as needed based upon customer requirements.)