Our Models

Let' s be frank.  Experience matters.  In the dog eat dog world of canine clothing only the strong survive.  Therefore we found it necessary to bring out the big guns to model our apparel and help run day to day business affairs.  So in order of corporate hierarchy....


Aliases: King Bebe, Bebe-man and the Furry Little Fudger
Position: President and CEO 
Temperament: Difficult and demanding
Favorite Movie Quote: "It's good to be the king." - History of the World Part 1

King Bebe


"Little" Toby

Aliases: Little T and the Ewok
Position: Customer Service Representative
Temperament: Easy go lucky and goofy

Little Toby



Aliases: King-King, Garden Wong
Position: Outside sales associate 
Temperament: Relaxed.  Whatever happens, happens.  I'm a good boy no matter what goes on.



In Memoriam


Aliases: The MONSTER
Position: Product testing manager
Temperament: A puppy.  Too busy destroying stuff to pay attention to anything...especially modeling directions.
Favorite Movie Quote: "Food fight!"  - Animal House