Dog Apparel Sizing

Please refer to the following sizing guide prior to ordering. Note that most clothing, from most manufacturers, is optimized for longer, thinner breeds such as Chihuahua, Shih Tsu, Greyhound, Papillon, etc. This means a snuggle suit that is perfect on an Italian Greyhound with probably not fit well on a chubby Pomeranian. Vests and tanks tend to be more forgiving in sizing than clothing that covers the legs.   Also remember fur grows back so plan accordingly for those with summer haircuts.


Arf-Arf Bebe Clothes Sizing Guide


Size Length Girth Neck
XXSmall 7 11.5-12 7
XSmall 8-9 11.5-12 8.5-9
Small 9-10 13-14 9.5-10
Medium 11-12 15-16 10.5-11
Large 13-14 17-18 11.5-12
XLarge 15-16 20.5-21.5 12.5


Please Note: The sizing guide provided applies to Arf-Arf Bebe products only. Other manufacturer's sizes may or may not comply with this sizing. Where possible we will provide alternative sizing information for other manufacturers.